Our Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


About These Terms of Use:

Our terms are a legal agreement between this website user and NUVA. The terms control the users use and access to NUVA’s Nalitics website and online information. By using the Nalitics website, you agree to our terms. NUVA holds the right to revise and edit these terms at any time.


Information on Our Website:

NUVA will provide the most accurate information possible and display the most current descriptions of all of the products presented.


Proprietary Rights:

All content included on or comprising the Nalitics name, including information, data, software, photographs, graphs, videos, graphics, music, sounds and any other material is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, or other proprietary rights. These rights are protected in all forms. The user of the Nalitics website must not modify any content of the website as protected under international copyright laws.


License Disclaimer and Use Restrictions:

NUVA’s Nalitics website will not give the user any license under NUVA’s intellectual property rights. These terms grant a limited, revokable, and nonexclusive right to access and use the information on the Nalitics website. Any copies made of the website must include all Nalitics logos. Unauthorized use of the content on our website can result in termination of rights to website.


Orders, Risk of Damage, Delivery, and Installation:

Customers can place orders through the Nalitics website with the prices specified. Our prices will be as quoted in writing by the Nalitics website and will exclude taxes, duties, and fees which may or may not include installation, shipping, and handling unless otherwise stated on the product. Customers assume all risk of loss or damage once all hardware products are delivered to the location specified by the customer. Nalitics will use the most convenient and efficient method of delivery possible in order to provide customers with their product in a timely manner. A select few of Nalitics products include the standard installation process. Nalitics will provide a timely installation and also any support services as stated in the inclusion of a warranty on those select products.



This agreement represents NUVA’s entire understanding as it pertains to the subject matter and replaces any previous communication agreements that may exist. Modifications to our agreement will be made through a written amendment that will be present on this webpage. The agreement will change based on the evolving values of NUVA and will also be dependent on the future development of technology.